Travelling Alone! Try these places

It is not important to travel with some company every time. Sometimes it will be great if you travel alone. Normally if you travel with friends or family you will become a traveller and there is a lot of difference between a traveller and a tourist. In the words of G.K Chesteron “The Traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” For the one who planning to travel alone here is the list of places which are best for solo travelling.

Kaziranga national park

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Visiting this place will be great option for animal lovers. Kaziranga national park is in Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam. This is a world heritage site. And this park is a reserve for the one horned Rhinoceroses and Tigers. This is a protected area for animals. This park is a home for a lot of animals such as elephants wild buffalos and birds. The park is one of the biggest park in India it covers 40 kms from east to west and 13 kms from north to south. This place is 74 kms away from the Rowraih airport from the airport you can take bus or train to reach. Three to four days will be enough to cover the complete park.

Colva Beach

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Colva beach is in Goa and is one of the places which you can visit and stay as long as you want. This beach covers an area of 2.5 km. Here you can play a lot of games, do activities, get a massage, booze and can do a lot more things. To reach this place you can take a jet to Dabolim and it is highly suggested to hire a two wheeler and travel on your own.


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Majuli is the first island district of India and is located in Assam District. Majuli is a river island in Bramhaputra and is a great place to visit alone. This is a great place if you a bird lovers. Here you will not find any lodges or hotels to stay but you can find guest houses and rooms to stay. To reach here you may need to reach Guwhati and from there you can find a bus to reach Majuli.


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Sikkim is a perfect place for those who likes trekking. Sikkim is a bordering state it borders Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Here you can see Buddhist monasteries, Mountains, Different kinds of flowers and many more. Ideal time to visit here is during winter. You can cover all the places if you are stay here for four days and there are a lot of hotels to stay.


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Varkala is a town in Kerala coasting Arabian Sea and is a great place to spend few days peacefully. Here you can visit places such as Papasnanam Beach, Kapil Lake and many more place to visit around. Ideal time to visit here is Winter season and you can reach this place by taking airways upto Trivandrum and from there you can find a drive to this place. You can find home stays, Hotels, Villas to stay.

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