Best Places for River Rafting in India

Life is Meant for Good Friends and Great Adventures. For the one who is looking for a Great Adventure with their good friends River Rafting is thing they must try. There are many places in India where you can go for River Rafting but there are few places where you can have some crazy experience. Here is the list of places you must try if you are planning to have some mind blowing river Rafting experience.

Kullu Manali

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Kullu manali is one of the most famous white water River Rafting places in india. You will be doing Rafting form the River Beas of Piridi to Jhiri which is around 14 kms down ways. Rafting will start at 10AM in the morning as it is a little far from Manali. It will be good if you start at least two hours prior. You will be finding some good Accommodation in Manali. The Rafting will happen for around two hours but there few other sports which you can enjoy there it will be better if you use a complete day for it in your plan.

Yamuna River

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Yamuna is place where you should go if main agenda of your trip is River Rafting. There are two stretches, of them One is Nainbang to Judo and the other one is from Yamuna Bride to Juddo. The stretch will be around 9 kms.You can find good lodging and hotels in Mussorie. Entry fee for Rafting is around 1500 and starts early at 7AM in the morning.

River Ganga

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Rafting on ganga can be enjoyed at four places in Rishikesh Marine drive to Rishikesh, Shivpuri to Rishikesh, Brahmapuri to Rishikesh and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh.   F them Kaudiyala to Rishkesh is the longest with 36 kms and Bramhapuri stretch is the shortest with 9 kms .For the one who loves Rafting Uttarakhand is the place they should be Visiting. As in they can drift in Tons River, Bhagirathi, Alkananda river etc.

Brahmaputra River Rafting

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In Arunchal Pradesh, Brahmaputra River Rafting is one of the most challenging one as it has the longest stretch around 180kms. The starting point is Tuting and the end is at Pasighat. This one is highly recommended if you are looking for some adventures ride. You can find some good accommodations here in Tuting as well as in Pasighat. It is advised to find accommodations in Pasighat to make things a little easy.  

Zanskar River

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In Ladakh, Zanskar River Rafting is not only for River Rafting but also for site seeing. Padum to Nimmo run which you will be covering is surrounded by Beautiful landscapes and it lengths around 120 kms. Here if you stay Padum you can do other activities as well like hiking on Frozen ice sheet and many more.

It is better to plan in advance so you can try for finding some best hotels or accommodations at affordable prices. The other best thing and why should go for you can pay money after reaching. In case if there is any change of plans in the last moment also you will not be losing any money.

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