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Who or What is Legion?

Want to know who hacked into mallaya and rahul gandhi’s twitter account? what is sigaint.org?

There were days when rebels use to fight directly but bu covering their faces with some cloth or something else. After internet took over vigilance got a new name black hat hackers. Good or bad a lot of hackers groups such as Wikileaks had hacked data and released to let the world know a lot of things which they were not aware of. Recently a group of hackers named Legion did the same. They believes as they are providing service to journalists and activist to fight the criminals by using internet as a platform.

Sigaint.org is disposal email service where you can send and receive emails without revealing your location and identity.

Sigaint.org is hosted by onion.to  But they claim as they are not hosting sigaint.

even the legion claim that that onion.to doesn’t provide any anonymity and suggested to Download
and install Tor bundle browser and use it to access content. It is still a mystery to be revealed they belong to old black hat hackers group such as Anonymouswikileaks or they are new black hat hackers…

lets wait and watch…

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