Using SBI Quick APP You can Switch On Or Off Your ATM Card

Using SBI Quick APP You can Switch On Or Off Your ATM Card

SBI has many banking apps such as SBI Freedom SBI Quick and etc. Each giving different facility to manage your bank account through the phone.

By using SBI Quick you can control your card using the phone. State Bank of India has introduced this feature of ATM Card Switch On/Off which allows customers to control their debit card usage anytime anywhere. Even for using this you don’t even need the internet for this.
In SBI quick app there is an option where user can turn-off the POS option by doing that no payment can be made at shops and petrol pumps. It stops all kinds of online payments through the swipe. when the user turn-off the e-commerce option.
SBI Quick also enables the user to activate or deactivate various services without using internet. It has a service called Missed Call Banking. this is a service from the Bank which is doing Banking by giving a Missed Call or by sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers.
To use the ‘SBI Quick’ app, the mobile in which you are downloading SBI Quick should have registered mobile number with the bank. you can install search on play store or your respective app store by giving keyword SBI Quick.
The services available in SBI Quick are:
1. Balance Enquiry
 2. Mini Statement
3. Blocking of ATM card
4. ATM card usage configuration
5. Car and home loan enquiry
6. PM social security schemes
Not only this app SBI is taking many steps to help the customers by introducing various apps and different technologies when compared any other public or private Banks. recently it launched its new app regarding UPI which is called SBIPay.
SMS charges will applied as per your plan.

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