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Trendy and Cool Gadgets you must have

Being trendy or to look cool is the thing everyone wants to do. Not only on dressing and accessories but having cool and trendy gadgets is also very important to look trendy. Here we are providing you few trendy gadgets which you must have to become the coolest one in your gang.

VR (Virtual Reality) Headset

Pic Credits: google.co.in

VR Headset is one of the most promising technologies of this decade. Using VR Headset you can watch 3D Movies, Play Motion games etc. Recently few movies released VR trailer for their movies. This has been a trendy thing to have presently and a must experience technology

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Andriod Wear

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Andriod watch or smartwatch is a watch using which you can operate or monitor your mobile phone. Using the watch you can get a notification about calls messages and you can connect the watch using Bluetooth. Recently watches supporting IOS is released.

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Wireless Headset

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Wireless Headset or cordless headphones means instead of cable infrared or radio signals used to transmit audio to your headphones from your device such as mobile or iPod. This is becoming an important thing as most have the problem of headphones getting spoiled because of the wire getting spoiled because of some mishandling.

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Fitness tracker

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Fitness Tracker or Activity tracker is to show how health conscious you are. Fitness tracker tracks your fitness related metrics such as how much you walked or ran sleep timings and calorie tracking etc. This helps you to live a healthy in the busy schedules.

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Pic Credits: google.co.in

Kindle is for one who loves reading, Kindle is becoming an easy way to carry and read books. You can browse download and read books on Amazon Kindle. Not only e-books you can also read newspapers, magazines and other digital media using the Kindle.

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