Indian Cyber Soldiers

Indian Cyber Soldiers

In this new era, digital revolution Internet is taking over. With the increased digitalization also increasing cyber threats. These Indian talents providing cyber security solutions all over the world effectively and making the world ponder over India.

Trisneet Arora

He is an Indian author and cyber security expert. He wrote books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. He is the Founder and CEO of an IT Security Company called TAC Security.


In 2012 Trisneet Arora started his own company named Trisneet Arora Cyber Security Services (TACSS) and wrote two books named ‘Voice of Hackers’ and ‘The Hacking Era’. In no time he started helping with his company CBI, Punjab, Gujarat police.

TACSS provide services like providing security to servers data, Cyber Financial Crimes, Helping Police in investigations and etc.

In 2013, TAC Security started thier first branch in Mohali. His clients are from all around the world. Thier clients are MNC companies such as Reliance Industries, Amul and etc.

From the age of 11, Trisneet started playing games and doing experiments on the computer. Slowly his interest converted from games towards hacking. He Learnt basics of hacking by watching youtube videos.

Trisneet said, His plan is to make TAC Security a billion dollar company and start his branches and provide cyber security solutions all over the world.

Saket Modi (Indian Firewall)

Saket Modi an ethical hacker, co-founder and CEO of Lucideus Tech an online cyber security company. Lucideus Tech is involved in securing government and enterprise digital setups. He has been awarded the title of “Indian Ambassador of Cyber Security in Education” by the Chairman of All India Council for Technical Education at the National Education Awards 2013.


In 2016 Saket Modi was a part of both, Forbes India and Forbes Asia. He is also in list of 30 under 30. He has also referred as the “Indian Firewall” and is a frequent technology writer in the Indian media.

Infamous 32 lakh debit cards hack took place he was the one who has been approached by banks for solution. From childhood he is interested in computer while he was in 12th standard he hacked into his college server to steal question paper, But he felt using his talent for such things is wrong. Then he turned int an ‘ethical hacker’.

He gave seminars, training on ‘ethical hacking’ in various counties around the world. Lucideus Tech clients are ICICI Bank, NPCI, Tata sky etc. Nearly 70 employess are working for Lucideus Tech.

Saket Modi is also interested in music, He is a piano player in a music band.

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