Do Mobile Banking a little more easier using PhonePe

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) was founded in April 2016 but become famous after Demonetization. Many Apps came up such as Bhim App and also almost every bank released a specfic app for UPI transactions such as SBIpay by SBI, Eazypay by ICICI and many more. Mobile apps such as Truecaller and whatsapp are also providing UPI transaction facility. But of all the apps we can say PhonePe is the best of all of them.

Here are few reasons why Phonepe is the best app of all the available apps in the mobile stores.

User Friendly UI (User Interface)

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First best feature of the app is User Friendly UI. You don’t need to be some kind of techie or need someone’s help to understand the functionality of the app. You can understand and find the function you want to do easily and can do it without any hassle.

Scan and Pay option

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Not a lot of UPI apps has scan and pay option. For the other apps which you use scan and pay option you need to fill the app’s wallet first then you need to do the payment. For PhonePe you don’t need to fill the wallet though it has one. You can do the payment directly from your desired bank account.


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You can set remainder for payments you do and a lot of categories are available to set remainder for such as Loan EMI, House Rent, Cook and Driver salary, Medicines, Laundary and many more. This option will be very helpful for your budget as you will have track on things you are spending.

Gift Cards

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We can say Gift Cards categories is a creative option given by the PhonePe. As using this option you can gift your near and dears the desired amount in the form of Gift cards and the receiver can use this Gift card like a coupon will shopping. In this there is option where you can present the gift card on a specific catogeory like Accessories, Apparel, and many more are available.


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PhonePe always comes up with some very good cashback offers. As of now there are some offers such as referral offer, First UPI transaction offer, first electricity bill payment and many more. There is a column on the app where you can check  the offers available at that time. It is advised to check the offers available before doing a transaction.

Track on Transactions

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Have a track on transactions is little easy as there are filters by using which you can track specific transactions very easily. You can do month wise tracking, Type of payment wise tracking, and also you can track by status like you can see all the transactions which are declined just by adding a filter.

For the one who do mobile banking and has more than one bank account PhonePe is the best mobile application to use. Also the wide range of options makes this application one of the most recommended and a must have application on your mobile phone.

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