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Hollywood Film On Yuvraj Singh

A biopic on MS Dhoni is released recently and Biopic on Sachin Tendulkar to be released this year in Bollywood. Now biopic on Yuvraj Singh is about to get filmed in Hollywood. A documentary on Yuvraj Singh’s life and the struggles he faced and overcame.
This documentary is being filmed and produced by the  Apex Entertainment. Apex entertainment is a US-based firm based in Los Angeles. Apex Entertainment is already a famous brand in Hollywood, they mainly focus on making sports-based movies. They have already made movies like Miracle, The Rookie, Million Dollar Arm, Invincible, Big Shot, Secretariat and Gigante which are all sport based films.
Highlight aspect will be Yuvraj Singh’s battle with cancer, How he helped India to win two world cups and how he overcame all the odds and regain his place back in the Indian Cricket team.
Mark Ciardi The co-founder and president of the Apex Entertainment, has confirmed they had already acquired the rights for the film on Yuvraj Singh. and he stated that Yuvraj’s story is not just a cricket story, it’s a human interest story. People like to watch greatness. He Said
He added that Yuvraj is an inspiration to a billion of Indians and cricket fans all around the world and His story is worth telling and that’s why Apex Entertainment are extremely thrilled that they got this chance.

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