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Why Noble Prize is so Noble?

One of the most prestigious awards Noble Award is having a history of more than 116 years.

This award is named after Alfred Bernhard Nobel. A businessman, philanthropist, chemist, engineer, and inventor. He was born in Sweden in a city named Stockholm on October 21, 1833. He was the third son of Immanuel Noble who used to work for the Russian government. His mother name was Carolina Andriette, and he had seven siblings. 

After facing a lot of failures in 1837 Alfred’s father, Immanuel Noble become a successful manufacturer of machine tools and explosives in Saint Petersburg. After five years Immanuel family joined him in Saint Petersburg. After which Alfred continued his studies in private institutions specialized in literature and chemistry. Alfred studied in Paris where he met Ascanio Sobrero, inventor of nitroglycerin. Though Sobrero invented nitroglycerin, he was against the use of it due to its unstableness and explosive nature there noble caught interest in it.

After seven years in 1857, he registered his first patent for a gas meter. After which he did a lot of experiments on explosives and did nearly 355 inventions of which dynamite, gelignite, Ballistite, Cordite were the most famous one, and these inventions also made him a wealthy man. In 1884, Noble got selected as a member of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The same institution that was select laureates for two of the Nobel prizes later. In 1888 Alfred read an article about his death in a French paper titled The merchant of death is dead. It was Alfred’s brother Ludvig who died. That article made him disconcerted Nobel and made him apprehensive about how he would be remembered.

In 1893, Uppsala University awarded him Doctorate. IN Swedish–Norwegian Club in Paris on 27 November 1895 he signed his last will which states that his wealth be used to produce a list of prizes for those who confer the “greatest benefit on mankind” in physiology or medicine, literature, physics, chemistry, and peace. Nobel bequeathed 94% of his total assets, 31 million SEK to establish the five Nobel Prizes.

Up to 2017, 584 prizes to 923 laureates. This year in 2017 this ceremony is going to happen on December 9, 2017. 

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