Smart Ways to Invest in Gold

When stock markets falls or any global uncertainties comes. A lot of Investors around the world pull their money from equities and starts investing in commodities such as gold. As they know that, at those times gold is the safest place to keep their money. To the investors who are interested in investing in gold here are few smart ways which you may find helpful.

Physical Gold

In physical gold there are choices either you can buy Gold Jewellery or  buy Gold coins or bars. Buying physical gold is a tradition in India and most of the Indian investors prefer to go for physical gold. For the one who likes gold jewellery this option will be a very good one, as they can buy as an investment as well as they can use the gold as jewellery. One of the pro’s with the physical gold is one can opt for a Gold Loan on this and one of the con’s is you will be losing some money in the name of making and wastage charges.

Gold ETF’s

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Gold Exchange Traded funds is electronic form of investing in Gold and by using this method you can keep your gold safe and also there will be no storage charges. Unlike physical gold you cannot opt for a loan on the ETF’s. But this method will be helpful if you are planning to do investments partly. Gold ETF’s is a like a mutual fund in which you invest whenever you want to.  

Sovereign Gold Bonds

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Of all the methods of investing in SGB is the best way of investing. Firstly SGB is backed by Government. This method is introduced so that people show less interest in investing in Physical gold. You will be getting interest around two percent for you holdings, The gold will safe and secured, you can convert the electronic gold into physical gold whenever you want, you get a loan against your holdings, There will be no making or wastage charges.


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Electronic gold means investing on companies which sells or mines gold or buying gold in commodities market. This one is risky one as you need to have a very good grip on the markets else you may end up losing money. For the one who trades on daily basis this method is a preferable method.

Gold Futures

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Futures is one of the best method of making money as well as one of the methods for losing money as well. Like E-Gold you should have very good grip on the markets for this. As we know markets risky place for your money. Unlike all the other methods in futures markets you need to square the deal by the end of the given time though you are facing a loss. Futures and E-Gold methods are not at all advisable methods for the one who don’t have good idea on the markets. If you don’t have better idea about markets you go for other investing methods such as SGB, ETF’s etc..

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