How to invest Money in India?

There are three kinds of people. One is who saves money for future, One who invest money and the other is never mind. To the one who wants to become an investor and is confused about where to put their money. Here are a few recommendations which may give you an idea to go for which plan.

Before investing there are few things you need to checklist before going for an investment plan. One is how much you are planning to invest. Are you planning to invest monthly, quarterly, Half-yearly or yearly basis? When you are planning to withdraw or use those investments.

Here are the plans which you can consider.

Investing in Gold

Investing in Gold is one of the traditional ways of investment in India. When it comes to investing in gold there are many options such as Physical Gold, Gold ETF’s, Sovereign Gold Bonds, E-gold and many more. You can follow the link given below to have a detailed understanding of investing in Gold.

Smart Ways To Invest In Gold.

Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits

When it comes to fixed deposits, you can either go for bank fixed deposits or company fixed deposits. Bank fixed deposits are the most famous one. All you need to select is the right plan and know the things have become easy that you can visit the bank’s website to check the interest rates the specific bank is providing.  The second option is the company fixed deposits. The company fixed deposits can bring you more returns as the interest rates a lot higher when compared to bank FD’s. But it is not as secure as the bank FD’s as they are not backed by Reserve bank of India. It is worth to take a shot and would be wise if you go for a short term plan.

Recurring Deposits can be opened at banks and post office. The deposits are recurring and are available with variable term plans such as yearly, monthly, quarterly and even it goes up to 5 years plan. Follow the link to understand better about a recurring deposit. All you need to give the amount you like to invest on a monthly basis and term plan.

Investing in Stocks

Investing in stocks is a very big area to cover. It includes SIPs, mutual funds, Day trading, Delivery trading, Futures and many more. Of all types of secondary income ideas or investment, this one stands in top of list where you should be looking.

Here is a brief about the stocks option you will be having if you are planning to invest in.

Insurance plans

Insurance plans are a kind of investment where you will be investing as well as securing your health and family. If you go for insurance you will be getting great returns at the time of maturity with that you will also be getting a benefit of health cover in case of the investor death the nominee will get the benefits.

There are a wide range of insurance plans provided by top companies such as HDFC Life, LIC, ICICI Prudential and many more. You can visit the respective websites to know more.

Investment Schemes

Post office schemes could be considered as the best option available. There are monthly income plans where you will be getting the best interest rate of around 8 %. There are other options such as PPF plans, National Pension System, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Senior citizen saving schemes and many more.

Investing in such schemes will give you tax benefits. So if you are planning to invest as insisted above consider things such as how much you are planning to invest. When you are expecting the returns and what benefits you are expecting.

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