How to avoid Debit Card Frauds?

How to avoid Debit Card Frauds?

Do you know this year more than 3 million debit card cards of top banks got compromised.
In this Modern era of cashless economy, when it comes to payments such as paying bills at malls online shopping and for other payments lot of us are using debit/credit cards. Because of Demonetization, Even some of us who use cash also doing card payments.
There are a lot of fraudsters and black hat hackers who are trying to compromise your data by tracking your cards and etc. So for being safe, here are few safety measures:
  • Change your ATM password at regular intervals and try not repeating the same password, Better do not have same password for all cards you are having.
  • Don’t keep your or your family members date of births as your passwords.
  • Don’t save your card on mobile apps, Most of the hackers are using this way for getting the details of your cards.
  • Don’t share passwords on messenger apps and also don’t give password on call.
  • Check your bank statement at least once in 2-3 days and report to bank immediately if there is any transaction which is not in your knowledge.
  • Don’t use the series of numbers on card as your ATM Pin.
  • Register your mobile number for SMS banking so that you can track down any unauthorised transaction immediately and report immediately if there is any.

It’s Important to be updated, follow and use latest technologies But it is more important to be safe.

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