Aadhaar-enabled Merchant Payment System for making Online Payment easier.

Aadhaar-enabled Merchant Payment System for making Online Payment easier.

No cash, credit/debit cards, digital wallets just need to key in customers and Merchants Aadhaar numbers and amount as soon as the number is keyed in & customer provides his fingerprint, the transaction is done.


A new simple safe easy method is being as cash needs to be discouraged. Credit/debit cards somehow have expensive infrastructure and deployment issues. This is where the Aadhaar-enabled payment system coming in with highly innovative solutions.

This Aadhaar-enabled payment system works better in rural as few individuals don’t know how to use android phones or mobile wallets this will work for them.

This solution is very simple. Aadhaar a number of both the merchant and the consumer. Their Aadhaar numbers should have been linked to their bank accounts. In the recent financial inclusion (FI) a majority of villagers have been covered in campaigns and they have their bank accounts opened using the Aadhaar identity.

There is a merchant discount rate (MDR) of about 1.0-2.5 per cent involved in card transactions done through PoS machines and even for they will start charging soon which the merchants are required to pay due to which merchants are not preferring to use the digital systems. Aadhaar-based payments happen at a much lower cost since there’s no MDR involved in it.

As there is no need learn new for this Aadhaar-enabled merchant payment system let’s hope for the best results for this payment system.

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