Bank Holidays Karnataka

Bank Holidays in 2020

Date Day Holiday
15-Jan Wed Makara Sankranti
26-Jan Sun Republic Day
21-Feb Fri Maha Shivaratri
25-Mar Wed Ugadi
6-Apr Mon Mahavir Jayanti
10-Apr Fri Good Friday
14-Apr Tue Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
26-Apr Sun Basava Jayanti
1-May Fri May Day
25-May Mon Idul Fitr
1-Aug Sat Bakrid / Eid al Adha
15-Aug Sat Independence Day
22-Aug Sat Ganesh Chaturthi
30-Aug Sun Muharram
17-Sep Thu Mahalaya Amavasye
2-Oct Fri Gandhi Jayanti
25-Oct Sun Maha Navami

Bank Holidays in 2019

Name of the Festival Date Weekday Type of Holiday
Sankranti January 15 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Public Holiday January 22 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Republic Day January 26 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Maha Shivratri March 04 Monday Optional Holiday
Bank Holiday April 01 Monday Optional Holiday
Ugadi April 06 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti April 14 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Mahavir Jayanti April 17 Wednesday Bank Holiday
Good Friday April 19 Friday Gazetted Holiday
May Day May 01 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Basava Jayanthi May 07 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Idul Fitr June 05 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Idul Juha August 12 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Independence Day August 15 Thursday Optional Holiday
Ganesh Chaturthi September 02 Monday Optional Holiday
Muharram (10th Day) September 10 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Mahalaya September 28 Saturday Optional Holiday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday October 02 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Ayudha Puja October 07 Monday Optional Holiday
Dussehra October 08 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Maharishi Valmiki Birthday October 13 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Narak Chaturdashi October 27 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Balipadyami October 29 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Kannada Rajyothsava November 01 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Id-e-Milad November 10 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Kanakadasa Jayanthi November 15 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday


Public Holidays in 2018


Name of the Festival Date Weekday Type of Holiday
Pongal/Makar Sankranti Jan 15 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Republic Day Jan 26 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Maha Shivratri Feb 13 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Mahavir jayanti Mar 29 Thursday Optional Holiday
Good Friday Mar 30 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Annual Closing of Bank Accounts Apr 1 Sunday Bank Holiday
Basava Jayanti Apr 18 Wednesday Optional Holiday
May Day May 1 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Idul Fitr Jun 16 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Independence Day Aug 15 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Idul Juha Aug 22 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Vinayaka Chaturthi Sep 13 Thursday Gazetted Holiday
Muharram Sep 21 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Oct 2 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Mahalaya Oct 8 Monday Optional Holiday
Ayudha Puja Oct 18 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Dussehra Oct 19 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Maharishi Valmiki Birthday Oct 24 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Kannada Rajyothsava Nov 1 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Deepavali Nov 6 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Balipadyami Nov 8 Thursday Optional Holiday
Id-e-Milad Nov 21 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Kanakadasa Jayanthi Nov 26 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Christmas Dec 25 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday

Public Holidays in 2017



Name of the Festival Date Weekday Type of Holiday
New Year Day Jan 1 Sunday Optional Holiday
Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Jan 5 Thursday Optional Holiday
Pongal/Makar Sankranti Jan 14 Saturday Optional Holiday
Republic Day Jan 26 Thursday Gazetted Holiday
Chinese New Year Jan 28 Saturday Optional Holiday
Vasant Panchami Feb 1 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Guru Ravidas Jayanti Feb 10 Friday Optional Holiday
Shivaji Jayanti Feb 19 Sunday Optional Holiday
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti Feb 21 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Maha Shivaratri Feb 24 Friday Optional Holiday
Holika Dahana Mar 12 Sunday Optional Holiday
Holi Mar 13 Monday Optional Holiday
Shaheed Diwas Mar 23 Thursday Optional Holiday
Ugadi Mar 28 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Ugadi Mar 29 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Annual Closing of Bank Accounts Apr 1 Saturday Bank Holiday
Rama Navami Apr 4 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Mahavir Jayanti Apr 9 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Hazarat Ali's Birthday Apr 11 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Good Friday/Ambedkar Jayanti Apr 14 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Easter Day Apr 16 Sunday Optional Holiday
May Day May 1 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Buddha Purnima May 10 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Mother's Day May 14 Sunday Optional Holiday
Father's Day Jun 18 Sunday Optional Holiday
Jumat-Ul-Vida Jun 23 Friday Optional Holiday
Ramadan Jun 26 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Raksha Bandhan Aug 7 Monday Optional Holiday
Independence Day Aug 15 Tuesday Gazetted Holiday
Parsi New Year Aug 17 Thursday Optional Holiday
Vinayaka Chaturthi Aug 25 Friday Gazetted Holiday
Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha Sep 2 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Onam Sep 4 Monday Optional Holiday
Maha Saptami Sep 27 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Maha Navami Sep 29 Friday Optional Holiday
Dussehra Sep 30 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Muharram Oct 1 Sunday Gazetted Holiday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Oct 2 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Oct 5 Thursday Optional Holiday
Karva Chauth Oct 8 Sunday Optional Holiday
Naraka Chaturdasi Oct 18 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Diwali Oct 19 Thursday Gazetted Holiday
Govardhan Puja Oct 20 Friday Optional Holiday
Bhai Duj Oct 21 Saturday Optional Holiday
Pratihar Sashthi Oct 26 Thursday Optional Holiday
Guru Nanak Jayanti Nov 4 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Guru Tegh Bahadur's Martyrdom Day Nov 24 Friday Optional Holiday
Id-e-Milad Dec 2 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Christmas Dec 25 Monday Gazetted Holiday

Best celebrated festivals of Karnataka

In South India, there are few festivals such as Jallikattu, the celebrations of these festivals are famous all over India. There are few festivals in Karnataka as well which are famous all over India. As it will be a Public holiday in Karnataka, You can plan this time to go and see the celebrations of this festival. 
Vijaya Utsav - Vijaya Utsav which is also known as Hampi Festival and is one of the festivals in Karnataka which are famous all over India. This festival is celebrated on the birthday of the classical poet Purandaradasa. This festival mostly comes in October or November. This festival is celebrated very great manner where there will be a concert of folk songs which is famously called as Janapada Kala Vahini. There will be an elephant marth which is called as Jumbo Savari and the best part is the decoration of the monuments, whole fifteen kilometers of the ruins of Hampi will be decorated with lights which will be mesmerizing to see.
Mahamastakabhisheka - This festival is a Jain festival and is celebrated in Shravanabelagola. This festival comes once in every twelve years and this day is a public holiday in Karnataka. There is a tall statue called as the Siddha Bahubali statue in Shravanabelagola which is around 18 meters tall. The disciples give a bath to the statue with milk, sugarcane juice, saffron paste, and etc. The best part about the celebration of this festival is there will be a shower of flowers from a helicopter onto the statue. 

Exciting way to spend a public holiday in Karnataka

The first thing that comes to your mind on Public holiday in Karnataka is how to spend it. Here are few options which may help you to make your holiday a little more exciting.

Plan to go for a picnic

You don't need to go too far places to enjoy your public holiday in Karnataka. You can to some nearby places such as parks or zoo nearby. It is suggested to have some good company while making such plans.

Visit a Resort

Plan to go for a resort on a public holiday in Karnataka. There are a number of resorts around Banglore and other places in Karnataka where you can visit. Plan to go to a place according to your taste as you. If you like to have some adventure. there are resorts where they will provide with various kinds of adventurous games.

Surf on the Internet

You can plan surf on the Internet on a public holiday in Karnataka. First, it is important to fix your target means you must first decide what you want to learn or understand about. Prefer genuine website where you can find some good stuff to read or watch. There are many other things which you can plan to do on a public holiday in Karnataka. But more importantly, you need to you need to spend it usefully

Here is how to spend a public holiday in Karnataka Productively as an investor?

Many investors in Karnataka trade in stocks. From Monday to Saturday they buy and sell stocks commodities etc. On public holiday in Karnataka markets will be closed and for making those holidays productive. Here we are having few ideas which may make those holidays productive.  
There are many blogs and website which are completely about finance such as goodreturns, MoneyControl and much more. You can visit those blogs and read articles there which may help you to get ideas about how and where to spend. Even there are few websites which may recommend to buy and sell.
Taking a good look at the Mutual Funds in the market -  there are mutual funds which make us feel confused where to invest and where not to. So learning about those funds like various aspects of the mutual fund such as who is the fund manager what all stocks are there in a mutual fund will those stocks work in the long term etc.   
The other best thing you can do is analyzing stocks like taking few stocks into consideration and reading about analyzing the way it worked in the past few year is also a good thing to do on a public holiday in Karnataka.

Amusing place in Karnataka which you can visit on a public Holiday

Having amusement on a public holiday in Karnataka is a good thing to do. If you are living in Karnataka and you want to have amusement, then the place to visit on a public holiday is Wonderla Amusement Park. 
Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the most visited parks in India. This park is 28kms away from Banglore. This place will be open on weekends and public holidays in Karnataka as well. The ticket price will be a little high during holiday times. You also plan to stay here as there is a resort in Wonderla.
In Wonderla there are a lot of places where you can enjoy. For children, there are few unique games which you can children can enjoy. You can enjoy a lot of games there which will be open from the time the park opens and up to the time the park closes. But there are few things such as water games, four-dimensional movie and other horror games, Rain Disco for which there is a specific timing for them you need to visit on that specific timing. If you are planning to visit Wonderla on the coming public holiday in Karnataka, don't forget to take an extra pair of clothes with you.