Bank Holidays jharkhand

Public Holidays in 2019

Name of the Festival Date Weekday Type of Holiday
Republic Day January 26 Saturday Gazetted Holiday
Maha Shivratri March 04 Monday Optional Holiday
Holi March 21 Thursday Optional Holiday
Bank Holiday April 01 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Sarhul April 07 Sunday Optional Holiday
Mahavir Jayanti April 17 Wednesday Optional Holiday
Good Friday April 19 Friday Gazetted Holiday
May Day May 01 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Idul Juha August 12 Monday Optional Holiday
Independence Day August 15 Thursday Gazetted Holiday
Janmashtami August 23 Friday Optional Holiday
Muharram (10th Day) September 10 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday October 02 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday
Dussehra October 08 Tuesday Optional Holiday
Deewali October 27 Sunday Optional Holiday
Guru Nanak Birthday November 11 Monday Gazetted Holiday
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday Gazetted Holiday


How to spend a Public Holiday in Jharkhand

There are many ways to spend a vacation but spending it in a useful way is what a smart person will do. If you are going on a  tour or picnic, you don't to need to plan the day as you will have plans already. If not you here are few things which you can do.
The first and the best thing you can do is read a book. Then surfing on Internet or scrolling on Facebook, the best thing you can do is to read a book. The book you select entirely depends on your taste. You can read novels, stories or you can read about something on which you are working. 
The second best thing you can do on a public holiday in Jharkhand catching up on your sleep. Due to the busy schedules and late night parties you may not have a proper sleep. You can use your holiday to fulfill your sleep. This will make you fresh and energetic.
Cook something, Cooking is also the best thing to do on a public holiday in Jharkhand. You can cook and call up your friends or family for lunch or dinner. This small treat from you will help you in spending some time with family or friends. There are many other ways to spend a holiday there are few suggestions which might help.

Spending time with kids on a public holiday in Jharkhand?

Spending time with kids is essential. Spending time with children will help you to relax. Researchers state that spending quality time with kids will decrease stress and will keep you happy. On a public holiday on Jharkhand, you and your children both will be having free time as it will be a holiday for school as well as the office. So planning something in advance like going to the zoo or playing a game or something will help you to spend some time with your kids.
Spending time with children will also help you to understand their potential and interests. You can understand and train them from an early age if they have an interest in some game. Planning to go somewhere like the zoo or a park will also be a good idea as the child as well as you can get a very good break from work. Around Jharkhand, there are many historical places, zoo, and parks where you can take your kids by planning on a Public holiday to visit. Bhagawan Birsa Biological Park Zoo will be the place to visit with your children, and it will be open on public holidays and weekends.