Bank Holidays Delhi

Bank Holidays in 2020

Name of the Festival DATE DAY
Republic Day 26-Jan Sun
Holi 10-Mar Tue
Ram Navami 2-Apr Thu
Mahavir Jayanti 6-Apr Mon
Good Friday 10-Apr Fri
Buddha Purnima 7-May Thu
Idul Fitr 25-May Mon
Bakrid / Eid al Adha 1-Aug Sat
Janmashtami 12-Aug Wed
Independence Day 15-Aug Sat
Muharram 30-Aug Sun
Gandhi Jayanti 2-Oct Fri
Vijaya Dashami 25-Oct Sun
Eid e Milad 30-Oct Fri
Diwali 14-Nov Sat
Guru Nanak Jayanti 30-Nov Mon
Christmas Day 25-Dec Fri

Bank Holidays in 2019

Name of the Festival Date Weekday
Republic Day 26-Jan Saturday
Maha Shivratri 4-Mar Monday
Holi 21-Mar Thursday
Bank Holiday 1-Apr Monday
Ram Navami 14-Apr Sunday
Mahavir Jayanti 17-Apr Wednesday
Good Friday 19-Apr Friday
Buddha Purnima 18-May Saturday
Idul Fitr 5-Jun Wednesday
Idul Juha 12-Aug Monday
Independence Day 15-Aug Thursday
Sreekrishna Jayanthi 24-Aug Saturday
Muharram (10th Day) 10-Sep Tuesday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday 2-Oct Wednesday
Dussehra 8-Oct Tuesday
Maharishi Valmiki Birthday 13-Oct Sunday
Deewali 27-Oct Sunday
Id-e-Milad 10-Nov Sunday
Guru Nanak Birthday 12-Nov Tuesday
Christmas Day 25-Dec Wednesday

Public Holidays in 2018

Name of the Festival Date Weekday
Republic Day Jan 26 Friday
Maha Shivratri Feb 14 Wednesday
Doljatra Mar 1 Thursday
Holi Mar 2 Friday
Sarhul Mar 20 Tuesday
Mahavir Jayanti Mar 29 Thursday
Good Friday Mar 30 Friday
Bank Holiday Apr 1 Sunday
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Apr 14 Saturday
Buddha purnima Apr 30 Sunday
Mayday May 1 Tuesday
Idul Fitr Jun 16 Saturday
Independence Day Aug 15 Tuesday
Idul Juha Aug 22 Wednesday
Janmashtami Sep 3 Monday
Karam Sep 20 Thursday
Muharram Sep 21 Friday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Oct 2 Tuesday
Dussehra Oct 18 Thursday
Dussehra Oct 19 Friday
Diwali Nov 7 Wednesday
Deepavali Nov 8 Thursday
Id-e-Milad Nov 21 Wednesday
Guru Nanak Jayanti Nov 23 Friday
Christmas Dec 25 Tuesday

Public Holidays in 2017

Name of the Festival Date Weekday
350th Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh January 05 Thursday
Republic Day January 26 Thursday
Maha Shivratri February 24 Friday
Holi March 13 Monday
Bank Holiday April 01 Saturday
Ram Navami April 04 Tuesday
Mahavir Jayanti April 09 Sunday
Good Friday April 14 Friday
Buddha Purnima May 10 Wednesday
Idul Fitr June 26 Monday
Independence Day August 15 Tuesday
Idul Juha September 02 Saturday
Dussehra September 30 Saturday
Muharram (10th Day) October 01 Sunday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday October 02 Monday
Maharishi Valmiki Birthday October 05 Thursday
Deepavali October 19 Thursday
Guru Nanak Birthday November 04 Saturday
Milad-un-Nabi December 02 Saturday
Christmas Day December 25 Monday

Spend your Public holiday in Delhi in a productive Manner

If you are a person who will be very busy on a normal working day then you should use your bank holiday in Delhi very productively manner. here are few tips which may help you to make full use of your public holiday. 

Start early - On a public holiday in Delhi, most people prefer to spend their holiday sleeping which is not a good idea. To spend it productively you should start early. 
Plan the day - If you have plans for the day, then it is ok. If not, the first thing you should be doing is planning the day. Planning the day is easy, all you need to do is make a list of stuff you want to do then prioritize which you want to complete and which will not matter if it is completed or not. 
Set a time Limit - You must set a time limit or targeted a chance to finish specific work. If not, you may not be able to use the time you have productively enough. It is also advised to plan the day alone. As planning, things with someone may not work on a public holiday in Delhi. Everyone will have their priorities which may be different from yours. The best to plan the day is on your own.

Family meeting -  Having a family meeting on a public holiday in Delhi will be very helpful. Due to the busy schedules and hectic works, it will be hard to have a family meeting every day. But on holiday you can plan it as everyone will be free and available to attend the meeting. In this way, you can share your experience and hurdles and can suggest each other. 

Plan a get-together - Plan to have lunch with some old friends or invite them your house for lunch and spend time with the old friends or you can intend to go to a restaurant. Spending time with the old friends will be a good thing to do on a public holiday in Delhi, this will bring your memories back and also you can be in touch always by having such a get-together occasionally. 

Alternative Workout -  If you do workout every day. You can plan an alternative workout on a public holiday in Delhi. In the case of you go to the gym every day you can intend to go for swimming or hiking, or you can do yoga. By doing an alternative workout, you can keep yourself fresh, and you will feel entertaining.

Plan a one day trip on a public holiday in Delhi

There are nearly thirty public holidays in Delhi excluding Saturdays and Sundays of them and on those mostly it will be a festival for us. If not there are few ideas which you can use the bank holiday in Delhi and enjoy the maximum of it. Here are few places around Delhi where you can go and come back by the end of the day.
Neemrana Fort Palace - An excellent place to visit. Just 100kms away from Delhi, there is a resort named Neemrana Fort Palace. This resort is a 15th-century hotel. In this hotel, there are seven parts built over 12 floors layered into a hill. In this, there are few things which will amaze you are the two swimming pools, hanging gardens, ayurvedic spa. Visiting this resort will be the finest thing you can do on a Public holiday in Delhi.
Damdama Lake - The Damdama Lake in Gurgaon is absolutely a perfect place to spend a bank holiday in Delhi at. This natural reservoir with Aravalli hills is a beautiful scenery to see. This place is an excellent picnic spot. Here you can do boating, bird watching or take nature walks. There will always be a lot of seasonal birds to see such as the Siberian Crane due to the rich nature and also muddy, slushy terrain. 
Noor  Mahal - This is for planning to spend the upcoming public holiday in Delhi luxuriously. Noor Mahal is a five-star hotel in Karnal. The best about the Noor Mahal is the architecture. The Architecture in the Noor Mahal will be in Rajasthani and Mughal styles. When it comes to comforts, the Noor Mahal is one of the best with a swimming pool and tennis court. Planning a one day trip here is a worth spending. 
Keoladeo Ghana National Park - For the one who likes to know about birds and loves photography this is the spot to visit on a public holiday in Delhi. This place is located about 200kms away from Delhi. In this location, many kinds of birds visit here every year such as the Siberian Crane. This sanctuary is also called as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. This place is one of the famous Bird Sanctuary in our country.
Nuh - If you want to see or visit some place where you can know about Indian history on a public holiday in Delhi. Nuh is a place to visit. Nuh is located in the Mewat district of Haryana. The shaking minarets, Chui Mai Pond and the town of Sheikh Musa are places to see in Nuh.

Few Things you can do during a public holiday in Delhi

Holiday is a time when you slow down and recharge yourself. There will be many things you want to do in your daily life but you don't find a chance to do due to the busy schedules. Using a holiday to do such things will be a great idea. 
Technology -  learning about technology like new applications in your mobile or some new methods of doing things. We all know there was time while we used to take a lot of pain to transfer money. Now, this has become very easy due various banking options and methods such UPI, NEFT, etc. Learning about such apps will be a wise thing to do on a public holiday in Delhi.
Future Plans - Whether you are going for a trip or home town or anywhere just plan it before you go. Use the holiday to do it. Panning on a normal working day will make you busier. If you are planning it on a public holiday in Delhi, you will have a lot of time which you can use. By doing, you will not miss anything mostly. Doing plans during the free time will relieve you from stress and the chance of making your project successful will increase.

Few cool places where you can visit on a public holiday in Delhi

Most of us prefer to spend a holiday by just scrolling on the facebook or watching tv there are few options which you can take and spend your upcoming public holiday in Delhi in a cooler way. Take a look at the option we gave you may find it interesting.
In Moti Bagh, there is a foundation called as Indian Mountaineering Foundation. This Foundation is to support and encourage environmental protection work in the Himalayas. In short, this foundation is called as IMF. Here you can go and some adventurous time by doing things such as climbing and other games which you can enjoy if you like trekking kind of things. 
This IMF will be closed on Monday, remaining all days including public holidays in Delhi it will be open. There will be two sessions for joining and playing the various adventurous games. The first session starts in the morning at 9.00 A.M and the second session starts in the evening at 4.00 P.M. It is suggested to start early if you are visiting this place on a public holiday day in Delhi. There are chances that there will be a lot of crowd on weekends and holidays. You can check cool pictures and also get registered by visiting their official website of IMF.