Types of Cars

Types of Cars

Do you know, in few countries you need to pay the tax on the vehicle depending on body style of the car? Not only the body style there are few other depending upon which one will be taxed. While we are telling about a mobile we will describe the mobile by saying, is it an Andriod or IOS or Symbian or a basic mobile. Similarly to classify a car we need to know the type of the car.

In cars, there are mainly seven types of cars.

  1. Hatchback
  2. Sedan
  3. Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)
  4. Super Utility Vehicle (SUV)
  5. Crossover
  6. Coupe
  7. Convertible

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The hatchback is a typical city car, There are Hatchbacks which are not less than supercars such as MiniCooper. But most city cars such as Maruthi Suzuki Swift, Renault Kwid, Tata Indica are Hatchbacks. These cars are Hatchbacks there will be no trunk in the back, and the ground clearance will be less compared to the other variants, but it will be small and easy to use for the one who is living in cities to use it. Mostly these cars will be four or five-seaters.


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A Sedan car is called a sedan car in few countries and few countries such as the UK it is called saloon. For Sedan cars, there will be a small trunk or boot in the back. In few countries, these cars are referred as the luxury cars. Few call it a three-box car as well because the car will be divided into three engine, passenger, and cargo. Like Hatchback Sedan is four or a five-seater.

Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)

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A multi-utility Vehicle is also called as a multi-purpose vehicle. These cars are big family cars. These cars will be mostly six-seaters, eight seaters or above. In this cars, there will be three rows of seats, and in most cars last seats are adjustable.

Super Utility Vehicle (SUV)

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These cars are also called as sports utility Vehicle. The cars are off-road cars with more ground clearance and have a lot of off-road capability. In Super Utility Vehicle the chassis will be solid for the one who likes to trek these cars will be suitable. In these cars, there are few on-road such as Honda Cr-V. But most of the people prefer off-road vehicles such as Mahindra Thar.


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The name itself explains about this type of car. Crossover is a car which has features of an SUV as well as of Hatchback. Crossover is the car with the capability of doing soft roading as well as the hiking. The construction of the body of Crossover is unibody construction, unlike SUV.


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The Coupe can be better explained by calling it a two-door car. The manufacturers design the coupe, depending upon their style. Few have four doors. Coupe cars completely for the sporty and stylish look. These cars will have a fixed roof. The best example of a coupe is Audi R8.


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This name itself explains about the type of the car ‘Convertible.’ The car roof is structured in such a way that you can either use it like a topless car or with the full roof covered. This type of car has different names such as Roadster, Cabriolet. For few cars the roof is foldable, and for few it is retractable.

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