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Things to check before buying a used car

Few of us prefer to buy a new car and few of us prefer to buy a used car. Of the people who belong to the second category may or may not which one to select. Here are we are providing the details which one must check before buying a pre-owned car.

Check the body of the car

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This is one of the basic things to do. Checking the car’s  body for dents or scratches. Check the Windshield and the window glasses is there any kind of crack or breakage. Also, check inside the car such as seat covers and other interiors are in good condition or not.


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The engine is one of the most important to check such as is the CBA (Clutch, Brake, Accelerator) is working fine. Also checking the nozzle and other engine components are in good condition. For this, it is better to hire or take a good and trustworthy mechanic with you.

Electrical system

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The electrical system includes headlights, Back Lights Brake lights, Music System, Charger point, Wipers and etc. If it has power windows checking them and Battery are the things to check.


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Though a lot of people don’t check, checking the age and durability of the Tyres is an important thing to do. Tyres are one of the expensive things to buy for a car. So better to see and check tires twice before buying.


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Checking the documents is one mandatory thing you need to check before buying such as is the accidental free or Is there in police complaints on the car, Is the car having all the clearance certificates etc.

Than taking car directly better to buy a car from an online website as there are many websites who pre-check all these details and also there are few websites which give exciting offers on buying a car from them.

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