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Best Mileage cars in India under 5 Lakhs

For a person who is living a middle-class life the first thing they think is ‘What is the Mileage?’ Mileage is a crucial thing which tells that will the vehicle comes within the budget or not. When it comes to cars which come under five lakhs slab. Here are few options which are under five lakhs and give good mileage.

Tata Nano GenX

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Tata Nano is one of the best mileage cars released by Tata Motors. Though there were some problems in the initial versions then Tata Motors came up with Tata Nano GenX which was the best up to date. It comes with a mileage of more than 20kmpl and costs less than 5 lakhs.

Maruthi Suzuki Celerio

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Maruthi Suzuki always comes up with one of the most economically efficient cars of those Celerio is one of them. Maruthi Suzuki Celerio is 793 cc car with 47bhp. It gives a mileage of nearly 25 kmpl and costs below 5 lakhs.

Maruthi Suzuki Alto 800

Pic Credits: google.co.in

Maruthi Suzuki Alto 800 is the cheapest and most economical car of all. It is 800cc mini hatchback car. The top variant car is less than 3 lakhs. It gives a mileage around 27 Kmpl with airbags. Also, Maruthi Suzuki Alto 800 is one of the cars with the best outlook with facelift fog lamps etc.

Renault Kwid

Pic Credits: google.co.in

One of the famous budget hatchbacks launched in this era Renault Kwid. A hatchback which looks like SUV, Costs under five lakh and gives a great mileage. Renault Kwid is 800cc car with 53 bhp and gives mileage around 25kmpl.

Tata Tiago

Pic Credits: google.co.in

There are few variants in Tiago which may cost above five lakhs but there are variants which cost below 5 Lakhs. In this, the diesel car gives a mileage around 28 whereas the petrol variants come with a mileage around 20 Kmpl.

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